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Virtual Travels

Explore the World provides exciting and informative virtual travels.  Every destination is a famous landmark used as a gateway to more knowledge of regional or national geography, people and society in the area visited. The program presents knowledge about the English-speaking world in new and exciting way.

Most of our destinations are loaded with useful information related to English studies in secondary schools. Others contain topics which both promote a greater understanding of the diversity in our world and teach important concepts in a meaningful way.  

Window to the World

Explore the World is designed for big-screen projection from a PC or laptop with a projector and loudspeakers, so you can fill a screen as large as any wall in your classroom with a clear, bright image, and create a visual and colourful learning experience for your students. A big screen provides an overwhelming virtual arena that heightens pupils' awareness, while captivating their attention and increasing their motivation. It’s a great window to the world with unique visual information.


The educational component gives insight into topics related to society and culture with special units about history and geography in the USA and Britain as well as other parts of the world. There are units about famous authors (e.g. Shakespeare, Hemingway). Topics such as immigration, aboriginal peoples, and English as a global language are also covered. 

Student Activities

Student participation is ensured through the use of games, quizzes and songs. Games and quizzes are intended to challenge the students on different topics such as geography, literature, background and language, evoking a variety of learner responses. The quizzes can be organized as team games, which students love – nothing like a bit of compe-tition to get them excited! Songs and music (national anthems and other well-known songs) are text-based to encoura-ge student participation as a social classroom activity. 


The program is accompanied by photocopiable worksheets with specific activities related to the many destinations and topics. 

The World Landmarks Game 

The World Landmarks Game is the first element in every destination promoting cooperation among the students as well as fun competition. When travelling the world with your students, the destination in question is supposed to be unknown to them. This strategy challenges them to find out where they are going. In teamwork, the students are encouraged to identify the destination on the basis of a five-step presentation of clues.


Explore the World provides a multi-sensory learning experience. This creative teaching method is a sound pedagogical approach helping you and your students to communicate about the various topics. Through music and words, big-screen images and animations, cooperation and competition, the students are stimulated to develop their knowledge and appreciation of the people, history, geography, literature and culture within the area visited.  

Entertaining and Visually Attractive

Educational programs appealing to young people have to be entertaining and visually attractive. In Explore the World learning is enhanced by multisensory environments that engage students and allow them to visualize information clearly and easily. 

Digital Teaching Materials

New digital teaching materials have given opportunities for variation in teaching methods. Most of these programs, however, are based on individual PC-activities that isolate the students in relation to the rest of the class. Explore the World is designed to encourage collaboration in teams and stimulate a sense of class community in general. Teacher participation and interaction with the students is also a focus of the program. 

In the program the students will be presented with topics related to the English curriculum they probably already recognize. They can build on the knowledge they already have about these topics or learn about subjects they know little about. This two-fold aspect of the program gives them new knowledge, which they can use in other educational activities. 

Independent of Textbook

Explore the World is intended to be used independently of any textbook or topics the class might currently be working with. The program contains a total of 42 destinations (landmarks), all of them with an educational section and a student-active part. New technology used in this way represents an additional learning arena for different learning styles.

Very Comprehensive

Explore the World is very comprehensive, and if used every two or three weeks in an average teaching term, it can be used for at least two years without repeating a topic already covered! 

What Teachers Say       

Enticing... entertaining ... educational!

"I often travel the world with my English class using this very entertaining and educational program. The students are eager to join me, and they very much appreciate the visually impacting travels to English-speaking countries and to other interesting places. Explore the World lends valuable variety to traditional textbook-based activities and is excellent for learning and revision, whether served as an enticing appetizer or a rich dessert. Explore the World is an exceptional classroom tool. Not only has it broadened the knowledge and improved the motivation of my students, but has also given me the opportunity to enhance my everyday lessons and activities."

Secondary School Teacher

Creative ... instructive ... fun!

"I find Explore the World very instructive. I often run the program after we have dealt with a textbook topic or a foreign country in class. Used as a supplement to the textbook, Explore the World gives the students additional food for thought and better comprehension of the subject matter. Big-screen images, text and sound combined with a narrator’s voice make the material more comprehensible and more easily remembered. Varying my teaching by using this program, I find that my students become more interested and the lessons more interesting. They simply love the quizzes, and take enthusiastically part in the competitions. The accompanying worksheets are very useful for reinforcement and review!"

Secondary School Teacher


                                           EXPLORE THE WORLD

          •  offers exciting virtual travels to English-speaking countries and other destinations worldwide
          •  is loaded with useful information related to the English curriculum in secondary schools
          •  provides a multi-sensory learning experience
          •  promotes better learning for all students and different learning types
          •  conveys interdisciplinary knowledge about people, geography and culture in foreign countries
          •  is a textbook-independent unique supplement to traditional teaching methods
          •  encourages fun student participation through the use of games, quizzes, and songs
          •  is accompanied by photocopiable worksheets